Introducing our Four Crowd Pleasing Platters

Hog’s Breath are known’s for catering to large groups and celebrations, and there is no better way to feed a crowd than with a platter. From the fresh Seafood Platter to our two shared meat platters and decadent Dessert Platter we have mouth-watering options for everyone. The generous portions plus quality ingredients offer value you can only find at Hog’s Breath.

Seafood Platter

Can be shared or eaten ‘sole’! A summer shareable option loaded with all your favourite seafood.

Seafood Platter

NEW BBQ Meat Platter

Joining our classic Meat Eaters Platter, this platter is served family style with large portions of meat and your choice of 2 savoury sides. It’s almost enough to fill you and the whole crew. Pictured below with the classic Meat Eaters.

Dessert Platter

End your meal on a sweet note with our dessert platter. The dessert platter comes with fresh fruit and chocolate plus a light and creamy Panna Cotta to satisfy your sweet tooth.

If all this talk about platters has made you hungry for a Hog’s Breath fix, gather your crew and find your nearest location today.

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