Signature Dishes

Our great tasting dishes have
stood the test of time

Prime Rib
We really do cook our famous Prime Rib Steak for 18 hours!

This means that our steak specialists will prepare tomorrow’s Prime Rib today, in our unique slow-cooking ovens, proving greatness takes time. Once we receive your order, we hand cut, season and flame grill your Prime Rib Steak to seal in maximum flavour, cooking it just the way you like it. Needless to say, Hog’s Breath Prime Rib is best served medium-rare!


In 1989, our Hog’s Breath pioneers began the search for the highest quality beef in Australia, suitable for creating the most tender and tastiest cut of Prime Rib Steak. Superior cattle were selected especially for Hog’s Breath by Australia’s premier beef supplier Teys and over 30 years later that partnership is still going strong.

Curly Fries
Our Curly Fries have a cult following.

A long side dish favourite of Hog’s Breath, the Curly Fries is the perfect accompaniment to any meal. From our 18-hour slow cooked Prime Rib, to burgers, chicken and seafood, it is hard to resist the call of our Curly Fries.

The Boss Hog™ Rocky Road Sundae is perfect to share, or simply to treat yourself.

No night out is truly complete without dessert. Our indulgent Rocky Road Sundae is a mixed treat of vanilla and strawberry ice cream, warm chocolate mud cake, smothered in chocolate fudge sauce, topped with marshmallows, strawberry and chocolate topping, whipped cream, toasted coconut and chocolate wafers. Sounds like the perfect night cap to us.

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