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Here in Wagga Wagga we take pride in bearing the Hog’s Breath Cafe name -it’s legendary after all! From the Famous Prime Rib, to the Curly Fries, through to local specialties and brews, we welcome you to enjoy our Wagga Wagga Hog’spitality. Our restaurant is different – you won’t have to line up to order, we come to you. You don’t have to have a buzzer on the table ruin your conversation, we bring your meals to you. And if there’s a few of you? Guess what – we will split the bill, with a smile. But the things you won’t find in any other restaurant are our warmth, welcoming smiles, great food and atmosphere, and just that slight bit of sassy attitude. At Hog’s Breath Wagga Wagga we take enormous pride supporting our locals – from suppliers, to events, sponsoring sports, and working with community groups – we’re all one big family. We can’t wait to see you soon.

Those That Are Loyal Harvest The Rewards

Those that are loyal harvest the rewards

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