The story behind our famous Prime Rib Steak

Part legend, part perfection. Learn all about our famed, flamed steak that takes 18 hours to land on your plate and why you’ll be coming back for more.

We only accept perfection in our selection.

Since 1989, Hog’s Breath has been partnered with Teys, Australia’s leading supplier of premier beef. Their rigorous selection process means they choose the best quality cattle from over 8,000 Aussie beef farmers to produce the perfect cut for Hog’s Breath Prime Rib. From there our team begins the timely, tender process of cooking each Prime Rib Steak.

Cows in paddock

The finer details seal the deal.

When we say slow-cooked, we really mean it. Our steak specialists are already preparing tomorrow’s Prime Rib steak today using our unique slow cooking ovens. After spending 18 hours (yes, you read that right) in the oven, each prime rib steak is hand cut, seasoned and flame-grilled to seal in maximum flavour upon your order. This is so we can ensure your Prime Rib is cooked exactly to your liking. And because not all hunger levels are created equal, the Hog’s Breath Cafe 18 hour slow-cooked Prime Rib steak comes in three sizes with a choice of two sides.

Steaks cooking on grill

Prime Rib Steak is the perfect cut for sealing flavour.

As if our super slow-cooking methods don’t make the Prime Rib special enough, the way we cut it is also what sets it apart from the rest. Taken from the same beef cut as a Ribeye, Prime Rib delivers the ultimate tender steak experience and is perfect for soaking up flavour.

The Prime Rib, also called a standing Rib Roast, is one large section of up to seven ribs from the primal rib section. Since Prime Ribs and Ribeye come from this same section, the difference in flavour comes from the way they’re cooked. Prime Ribs are seared and then flame grilled slowly under a low heat making them more tender, while Ribeye’s are grilled quickly over high heat making them more charred.

seasoned steak

We’re holding the price of Prime Rib Steak.

We know we’ve got your mouth watering now. And we have good news for that. The price of life seems to be going up and up, but we don’t want you forking out more for our signature Prime Rib Steak. We’re fighting meat-flation, steak by steak, plate by plate, by holding the cost of our famous Prime Rib steak.

Prime Rib Steak with curly fries and salad

So go on, come try it for yourself today. Find your nearest Hog’s Breath location here. 

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