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Welcome to Hog’s Breath Traralgon, a part of the legend that has been around since 1989. No matter which Hog’s Breath Cafe you visit, in any part of Australia lucky enough to have one, you know you’re going to get the same great service, the welcoming smiles, the great food and atmosphere, and of course, the Famous Prime Rib – exclusive to us! All of our restaurants take great pride in working with locals – suppliers, events, communities – to make sure there is always a regional feel. To us, customers are family – we welcome them back time after time. Enjoy our Traralgon Hog’spitality, the experience with a slight bit of attitude.

Those That Are Loyal Harvest The Rewards

Those that are loyal harvest the rewards

Welcome to the Hog’s Breath Prime Perks App, the home of Hog’s Breath Cafe’s Loyalty Program. Learn more about our Prime Perks, then Download today to access rewards!

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