Hog's Breath Cafe Mildura
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An icon for good times, good food, cold beers and great atmosphere

Linley and Jackie, the new owners of Mildura’s Hog’s Breath Cafe, bought into the franchise in 2022. They were looking for a great business model, a structure built around great people and great product. So they did a secret shopper, and went in to the restaurant to check it out. When Linley ordered his Prime Rib rare, he was told that THESE steaks are cooked for 18 hours slowly, and are always medium rare, and that was what he was served. It was so good, they bought the Mildura franchise. So next time you’re in this gorgeous Victorian town, why don’t you stop in and try one yourself…

Those That Are Loyal Harvest The Rewards

Those that are loyal harvest the rewards

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