The Hog’s Experience

From day one Hog’s set out to be unlike any other.

“In a nutshell, it’s all about providing quality food and beverage services in an informal, yet comfortable environment with an overriding friendly, party atmosphere.”

Each of our great value meals are made fresh to order by our expert Grill Masters and then served straight to your table by our dedicated Hog’spitality Specialists, so you can focus on sharing good times with family and friends while enjoying your favourite dish cooked just the way you like it. It’s great fun serving you!

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Hog’s Food

Fresh, quality produce sourced locally from Aussie growers and producers.

“Superior beef is selected especially for Hog’s from cattle raised on fertile, open pastures. Our Prime Rib is then graded to our exacting standard to ensure our customers’ quality expectations are met every time.”

Slow-cooked for up to 18 hours to ensure maximum flavor and tenderness, Hog’s proudly boasts you won’t find a more tender, mouth-watering steak anywhere else. To complement this signature dish, we’ve developed a diverse menu that offers a range of chicken and seafood dishes, ribs, burgers and wraps, salads, pasta, delicious desserts, lite options and kids’ meals for the piglets. There’s truly a dish to suit everyone!

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Our Philosophy

There are many things we’ve never done, but we ain’t never had too much fun!

“Quite simply, the basic Hog’s philosophy is to have fun and enjoy yourself – a principle engendered by its unique operating style and unlikely decor that sees our walls covered with unusual paraphernalia and memorabilia. It’s a place you have to personally experience to fully appreciate our reputation for being different.”

We decided in 1989, when we first opened our doors, that Hog’s was a place to relax and let loose – no expectations other than great food and great service. This is Hog Heaven, where the only rule is no animals allowed inside and no carving on the tables; and don’t forget to pay before you leave. Bring your kids, a rugby team, or host a birthday party for your grandmother and all her friends. There’s a place for everyone!

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