Half-Shell Scallops — The return of our hero’s…in a half shell

Mmm… the buttery, sweet and delicate taste of half-shell scallops! Remember them? Well, If you’re a seafood lover like us, your mouth is going to start watering just about now. We at Hog’s are psyched to announce the return of the Pan-Seared Garlic Butter Scallops!! Yaaaahh!!

We know how much you loved these delicious, melt in your mouth delicacies last time, so, we’ve brought them back for you to enjoy!

What’s special about our scallops?

For starters (pun intended), our scallops are harvested from Noosa through to the tip of Fraser Island. These are locally produced, premium scallops, found in the clean and green marine biodiversity that attracts thousands of eco-tourists every year.

We are mindful of the environment and have ensured that our scallops have been sustainably obtained, abiding by the fishing regulations of Queensland.

Our suppliers go beyond simply having a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) and Food Safety certification. The two boats used to harvest our scallops—Surami and Kimissa Lee, are the only two out of five Prawn Trawlers in Queensland with a European quality certification (EU certification).

Our scallops have a firm yet delicate texture

In a nutshell, our half-shell scallops are both sustainable and of a premium export quality.

But do they taste good?

Yes and yes! These Pan-Seared Scallops are cooked perfectly to keep that firm yet delicate texture consistent. Butter gives the scallops a creamy richness while the garlic adds an earthy flavour to the dish. You can only verify this by coming to Hog’s Breath Cafe and ordering this

‘Surf and Turf’

‘Surf and Turf’ refers to a main course that combines seafood with red meat. Are you thinking what we are thinking? Yep, the combination of our new half-shell scallops with our signature 18-hour slow-cooked Prime Rib steak is indeed a match made in heaven!!

You can get a 200g flame-grilled Prime Rib Steak Lite Cut with 3 servings of our Pan-Seared Garlic Butter Scallops. Top that up with some curly fries and greens and call it a combo for merely $35.95!*


Scallop Facts

For those who have never had scallops before, we have some fun facts to guide you about what makes them so pleasurable to devour:

• They are aquatic molluscs and are related to squid, clams, oysters and mussels.
• The scallop has two parts—the white muscle and the orange coral. They are both edible.
• Scallops are the cleanest types of shellfish fit for consumption.
• Scallops are highly nutritious—rich in omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin B12
• It is a kind of seafood that can be consumed both raw as well as cooked.
• Five-star restaurants tend to charge a rather high price for this prized seafood.

Now that you’ve learned just how good these half-shell scallops are, come try them out at your local Hog’s Breath Cafe. You can order them as a side to share or combine them with your prime rib steak for the ideal ‘Surf and Turf’ (or ‘beef and reef’ if you prefer).


Only available at participating locations so call your local Hog’s to ensure they are still running with scallops.


*T&C’s – Not valid with Hog’s Squad / Frequent Diner Cards, Kids Eat Free or any other offer / promotion / special. Offer not available with Takeaway or Delivery. Promotion ends on Sunday 15th November 2020 or while stocks last. At participating restaurants only.