How to help save your favourite restaurant


There’s been an amazing swell of support and goodwill online for local businesses – particularly restaurants – that are hit hard by the restrictions this pandemic is imposing on all of us. Every day that we engage with social media we are met with well-wishes from individuals in the local community – not just Hog’s but everybody’s favourite restaurant is feeling the love. The support reflects the most difficult aspect of this time: that there is not enough work to go ‘round, and so – as you already know – a lot of good people are suffering on the sidelines. What you may not know is that there is a small way to be a big help to your favourite restaurant: choose takeaway instead of delivery.

How does this make a difference? Well, the inconvenient truth about the convenience of delivery is that it is very costly. The second truth is that this cost cannot be eliminated; you simply have to make hard decisions about how to manage it. On the one hand some businesses choose to pass the costs on. This choice is very obvious and shows up in the form of delivery fees and higher pricing on the menu for delivery. On the other hand, the business could choose to absorb the costs which sounds good in theory. The problem is that no business is going to lose money to offer delivery, so either the overall pricing of the menu goes up, or the quality or quantity of the ingredients has to drop. This kind of cost decision happens all the time in many industries – remember when popular blocks of chocolate used to weigh 250g? Reducing the quantity is generally less noticeable than increasing the price.

What’s in it for you? Choosing takeaway has 3 immediate advantages:

  1. You can save money – in some cases there are significant savings.
  2. There is no chance of anybody touching your food before you receive it.
  3. It is a very bite-sized opportunity to be active and socialise.

(Oh, and you can nibble on something on the way home because you deserve it.)

This very simple decision has a mighty impact on your favourite restaurant, and will absolutely help to get our people off the sidelines. Thank you for your consideration, and of course be safe.