Hog’s Makes the Holiday Dining Choice Less “Taxing”

money saved from no surcharge at Hog's Australia Steakhouse

These holidays, how about heading somewhere for a great meal that’s less taxing? With great Hog’spitality, no holiday surcharge and a great variety of meals for everyone.
At Hog’s, even though we are famous for serving the world’s best steak, our signature 18 hour slow cooked Prime Rib steak, we also have a large number of choices for the non-meat eaters among us.
All our restaurants also offer succulent seafood dishes as well, with such offerings as the popular Hoggies Fish & Chips
Our menu also contains a number of sensational salads, including the ever favourite Caesar Salad.
All our dishes are able to be customised to your liking, at Hog’s you can create your own masterpiece; so why not add a delicious piece of pan-seared salmon to your Caesar salad  lifting the taste sensation to legendary status!
At Hog’s our Hog’spitality is all about you! So during the holiday period, we never charge a surcharge! What does this mean for you?….nothing and everything! It means that you will not have to pay any more to enjoy everything at Hog’s during the holidays!