About Us

Hog’s Breath Cafe
An Australian Institution

At Hogs’ Breath, we’re an icon for good times, good food, cold drinks, and a great atmosphere. Our Curly Fries have a cult following. Our 18-hour slow cooked prime ribs are a religious experience. And our staff, are second to none. Come an enjoy our famous Hog’spitality down at 152 Shore Street, Cleveland, QLD 4163.


Come and experience our famous Cleveland Hog'spitality

A great experience

Be yourself and enjoy let us do the rest

  • Our Commitment To You

    We are dedicated to providing an enjoyable dining experience for all, where the food and service matters. To us being the best version of a great restaurant experience is enjoyment and quality food all wrapped up with dash of fun.


    Here at Hog’s Breath Cafe, it’s a place to feel at home, with large tables and good times. If your group grows larger, we’ll just add more, just let us know.


    Love catching up with friends and family but hate having to organise the bill at the end. With Hog’s Breath Cafe split your bill as you would like, no matter how large the group.


    Sick of queuing for food? Buzzed off with buzzers? At Hog’s Breath our famous Hog’spitality begins with great table service by a team with smiles all round.

  • Public Holiday Surcharge

    Each restaurant sets its own policy on Public Holiday surcharge. Please contact the restaurant directly to confirm their intentions on 1800 464 783.