Hog’s spill the secret to steak perfection

For the first time ever our Hog’s Chef is spilling the secrets behind how they’ve refined and perfected our signature 18-hour slow cooked Prime Rib over the past 29 years.

There’s a good reason it’s remained the most popular item on the menu for almost 30 years, and some Hog’s restaurants serve up to 50,000 each year.

The first step in our mouth-watering Prime Rib is selecting superior local Australian cattle. We then select the Cube Roll, also known as Rib Fillet, which is a less used muscle taken from the fore quarter which is perfect for a slow cook because it allows it to retain more flavour and become more tender.

This delectable cut is then slow cooked for 18 hours in Hog’s commercial two-stage ovens in a process called Cook and Hold. The oven uses Halo Heat Technology which creates a consistent and gentle heat that can’t be replicated in most residential ovens. The cooking process starts off at a higher temperature to render the fat, and it then gradually drops down to the optimum temperature. The Cube Roll then cooks for the remainder of the 18 hours because greatness takes time!

During this time, the marble melts into the Cube Roll to create the perfect, tasty, tender, juicy Prime Rib. Once the slow cook process has been completed, a 200g, 300g or 400g Prime Rib Steak is hand cut to order, seasoned with salt and pepper and then flame grilled. And there you have it … Prime Rib Steak perfection, best served medium rare with Curly Fries.

And that, our carnivorous friends, is how we create steak perfection for you, our loyal customers.


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