Our Menu - Tasty Wraps

    Wraps 2017 Tasty Wraps

    Wrapped in a flame-grilled flour tortilla and served with Hog Tail Fries or sweet potato wedges.

    Avocado wedges, crispy vegan schnitzel, cherry tomatoes, cos lettuce, rawslaw, and balsamic dressing.

    3404 KJ

    Tender strips of grilled beef, Aussie cheddar cheese, cos lettuce, rawslaw and spicy Byron Bay chilli sauce. Alternative sauces available on request.

    3930 KJ

    Crispy crumbed chicken, Aussie cheddar cheese, guacamole, Mexicana tomato salsa, sour cream, cos lettuce and rawslaw.


    Crispy crumbed chicken, smoky bacon, parmesan cheese, cos lettuce and Caesar dressing.

    4401 KJ

    Panko crumbed chicken, creamy brie, smoky bacon, cos lettuce, rawslaw and tomato chilli jam.

    4505 KJ

    (V) Vegetarian friendly. Generally accepted vegetarian option. Excludes red meat, chicken and seafood.