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    Seafood 2017 Spectacular Seafood
    Pick Your Potato

    Hog Tail Fries, sweet potato wedges, baked potato or mashed potato.

    Select Salad Or Vegetables

    Fresh seasonal vegetables,  house salad or Caesar salad.

    Pan-fried barramundi fillet topped with 3 prawns and a creamy garlic sauce, a fresh lemon wedge, your choice of a generous serve of mashed potato, Hog Tail Fries, seasonal vegetables or house salad.

    3228 KJ

    Beer-battered whiting fillets, Hog’s famous salt & pepper calamari, and prawn twisters with Hog Tail Fries or sweet potato wedges, house salad, creamy tartare sauce.

    6703 KJ

    Beer-battered whiting fillets, Hog Tail Fries or sweet potato wedges, house salad, tartare sauce.

    5346 KJ

    Pan-fried salmon dusted with a lemon myrtle, coconut and chilli rub, served with creamy mashed potato, house salad and sweet chilli sauce.

    3441 KJ

    Source Your Sauce for 2.20

    Béarnaise, Byron Bay Chilli (LG), Cheese Sauce (LG), Creamy Mushroom (LG), Dianne (LG), Garlic Aioli, Garlic Cream (LG), Guacamole, Honey Mustard Dressing, Honey Sweet Chilli, Horseradish Aioli, Mexicana Tomato Salsa, Mint Sour Cream, Napoletana (LG), Pepper Sauce (LG), Tomato Chilli Jam or Wasabi Aioli.

    LG Product classified as being low gluten, containing no more than 20 parts of gluten in a million (ppm). Please note that we can’t guarantee an allergen free meal as we do not operate in an allergen free environment.


    *Meal available with vegetables or salad, and either Hog Tail Fries, baked potato or mashed potato