Our Menu - Spectacular New Menu

    Australia’s favourite steakhouse, Hog’s Breath Cafe, has rolled out a fresh new menu across the country that now includes wholesome fare for all appetites, from the robust Hoggie’s steak-lover to the more health-conscious diner.

    Hog’s remains a steakhouse at its heart but team Hog’s Breath noted the increasing appetite for nutritious options and stepped up to the plate with a revamped menu to cater for all tastebuds, including vegetarian and gluten-free, and embracing produce sourced fresh from local farms. The ‘Sensational Salad’ menu invites customers to make their own masterpiece, with additions to traditional salads such as pan-seared salmon, garlic prawns, calamari rings and grilled chicken breast. A selection of ‘Trim-a-licious’ menu items has also been carefully crafted for their minimum calorie and KJ values, and include a selection of wraps, salads and appetisers like Boss Hog Mushies and Feta, Orange and Pear Salad.

    CEO Ross Worth said it was time to transform the menu to cater for all appetites, while still offering beloved classics like Hoggies Loaded Skins and Boss Hog Ribs. “Steak-lovers can still enjoy the famous tasty prime rib served up by our Grill Masters, considered by many to be the best steak on the planet, but the new menu allows customers to be in control and create their own masterpiece, down to the type of sides they want and special additions to their salad, it’s all about customisation. “Our Grill Masters really turned up the heat with these new offerings and our customers are loving what we now have on offer.”

    Hog’s has been an Aussie institution for 27 years with a primary focus on providing the best quality steak. Observant fans of the brand will now notice the logo has undergone a refresh with a new style introduced that reflects exactly what the restaurant group is, Australia’s Premier Steakhouse. 

    Additionally, at the forefront of the logo is now simply HOG’S, the name fondly given to the restaurant chain by customers and friends nationwide.  Worth says it made sense for “Hog’s” to be the hero of the new logo as it’s how the chain is fondly referred to, as well as being inline with Aussie vernacular.

    Creating fantastic new flavour combinations was paramount to the new Hog’s menu!

    Our chefs have been listening to customers and working hard to create stunning new dishes, bringing a range of new tastes to the Hog’s table. The dishes below are just a small selection to highlight the many new choices to explore in the new Hog’s Australian Steakhouse menu.

    Grapes, orange, pear, banana and apple set in strawberry jelly and topped with 3 scoops of mango sorbet and a strawberry. A great dairy-free option!

    Beef ribs, BBQ sweet chilli sauce, Hog Tail Fries or sweet potato wedges and rawslaw house salad or vegetables.