Our Menu - Sensational Salads

    Hog's Breath Cafe Two different fresh Salads side by side. Sensational Salads

    Crispy chicken breast slices, bacon, seasoned potato chunks, cherry tomatoes, rawslaw, rocket leaves, cos lettuce, shredded cheese and Hog’s ranch dressing.

    3030 KJ

    Grilled chilli beef, rawslaw, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, coriander, mint, crispy noodles and ginger & lime dressing.

    1427 KJ

    A healthy dose of white and red cabbage, carrots, Spanish onion, cherry tomatoes, cos lettuce, rocket leaves and a choice of dressing.

    Select a topper to create your very own salad.

    457 KJ

    Crumbed mushrooms dusted in blackened seasoning, sliced avocado, seasoned potato chunks, rawslaw, rocket leaves, cos lettuce, cherry tomatoes and Italian balsamic dressing.

    2120 KJ

    Aussie feta cheese, orange, pear, cherry tomatoes, rawslaw, rocket leaves, cos lettuce and pink grapefruit dressing.

    1253 KJ

    Tender grilled chicken breast, crisp cos lettuce, bacon, sliced egg, shaved parmesan cheese and creamy Caesar dressing.

    2028 KJ

    Baby beetroot, bacon, feta, sliced egg, cherry tomatoes, rawslaw, rocket leaves, cos lettuce and balsamic dressing.

    1823 KJ

    Caesar 669KJ, Chipotle Ranch 413KJ, Hog’s Ranch 530KJ, Honey Mustard 706KJ, Coriander Ginger & Lime 201KJ, Pink Grapefruit 1119KJ LG or Italian balsamic 271KJ LG.

    Personalise your salad below by adding one of our delicious additions to complement your choice:

    • 6 Salt & Pepper Calamari Rings 4.95 1029 KJ
    • Crumbed Mushrooms 4.95 V 639 KJ
    • Flame-grilled Chicken Breast 4.95 438 kJ
    • Southern-style Chicken Schnitzel 4.95 936 kJ
    • 3 Prawn Twisters 7.95 874 KJ
    • Pan-seared Salmon 14.95 1610kJ
    • Pan-seared Barramundi 14.95 1538kJ

    (V) Vegetarian friendly. Generally accepted vegetarian option. Excludes red meat, chicken and seafood.