How to Make your Corporate Christmas Party a Success

Photo booth fun at Christmas Party, with gold lights and gold outfits. Group of people
Christmas is around the corner and it’s the season for celebration. What better way to embrace the fun and excitement of the season than to host a corporate Christmas party? If you haven’t started planning your party, then don’t delay! With all the busyness of the season, it’s easy to forget about the importance of hosting a party.

This is your chance to build goodwill with your staff and thank them for their year of hard work. Your staff will appreciate that their effort hasn’t gone unnoticed and they’ll get to bond with their workmates.

We’ve put together some tips on how to make your Christmas party a success. Find out how you can host an unforgettable and fabulous party. Great food, great venue and great times! Enjoy a stress-free and fun event that your staff will love.

Choose a great venue

The first step in planning your Christmas party is to choose the venue. Whether you want to host a small and intimate event or a large one with 50+ people, the venue should be able to cater to your needs. A private function room will make your event extra special. You can go wild with karaoke or dance all night to ’80s music. You can even play those weird and wonderful work games that are meant to boost morale and team spirit.

Christmas parties are about having fun with your staff and letting your hair down. You’ve worked hard all year and deserve to celebrate. At Hog’s, our motto is, “Work hard and play hard”. Our spaces are anything but stuffy! We offer you a fun and upbeat atmosphere where you can enjoy good times with your team.

Great food

Christmas parties are all about great food. It’s time to indulge in decadent and delicious food, that celebrates the achievements of your year. This isn’t the time for lettuce leaves, carrot sticks or cottage cheese – mind you, a good venue will cater to everyone’s tastes. Our set menus include salad options.

Try decadent chocolate mud cake and 18-hour slow cooked Prime Rib Steak. Yum! This is the type of menu that everyone will remember. The carrot sticks and detox juices can wait until their New Year’s resolution.

Your party does not have to cost the earth. A set menu saves you money, makes your party super easy to plan and satisfies everyone’s tastebuds. Find a venue that doesn’t charge venue fees, provides an affordable set menu and has a range of delicious dishes to choose from. You will be happy that you know the costs upfront and can budget for your event. Your staff will be happy as they have a selection of appetising food to choose from.

At Hog’s, we have three set menus that are affordable and come with generous sized courses. Share a Hogitiser, choose a tasty main and finish your meal with a delectable dessert. You get a range of mouth-watering steak (including our famous 18-Hour Slow-Cooked Prime Rib Steak), chicken and fish options. Talk to our friendly staff about our cocktail and drink packages.

Have fun

Christmas is the time to unwind and enjoy yourself. It’s a time to reflect on the effort that you’ve made during the year and pat yourself on the back. You deserve a night of celebration!

Make it a night to remember by choosing a venue with a unique, upbeat and hip decor. At Hog’s, fun is part of our DNA. Our aim is to give you a relaxed and laid back environment, where you can enjoy good times and great music with family, friends and workmates.

Full Table Service

That’s right! Full table service keeps the party at the table and the conversation flowing, not having to break it up in each instance that a workmate wants to get a drink or needs to order their meal! With full table service you are waited on for your requirements by friendly, helpful staff that can make suggestions to make your ordering easy!

Forget the cleanup

Christmas Ornament Baubles

It’s not much fun if you are the one who has to clean up after your event. Hosting a party doesn’t need to be stressful. Make it a fun event and get someone else to look after the cooking, serving and cleaning. You’ll be grateful that you have the time to relax and get to know your staff better. Your Christmas party is a perfect opportunity to reward your staff, boost morale and build a great team.

Book your corporate Christmas party with Hog’s. Let the good times roll at Australia’s favourite party destination. To get your party started, contact us today and our Hog’spitality specialist will be in touch shortly.