House Rules

This page is for Hog’s Breath Cafe devotees, where you can unite with other Hoggie fans and share rock’n good times. Have fun, invite, encourage and enjoy conversations, promotions and other stuff. Leave comments, photos or videos but remember we are a family restaurant, be respectful to other fans, don’t use bad language or be offensive (keep it G rated).

Share your experiences good and excellent but if your experience wasn’t “all that” please email us at where we can act faster on your feedback. We will endeavour to respond to all posts but will remove any inappropriate or disrespectful comments that diminish Hog’s Breath Cafe’s reputation. All spam advertising will also be removed. Repeat users ignoring Hog’s Law will be blocked and unable to participate. We value our staff and associates participation to the page and remind them of our social media policy, which can be obtained from their franchisee/manager.

With the law set down – have fun, unite and above all “Go the Whole Hog!”