Host your Next Function at a Steakhouse

Are you looking for a fantastic venue to host your next function? Whether you are planning a work function, birthday party or a celebration with a bunch of close friends, a steakhouse can be an ideal venue. The fun, friendly and laid back atmosphere ensures that your guests have a good time.

It’s a ‘Hog lot of fun’ to have a party at a steak restaurant. What should the venue hpave on offer to make your event a success?

Choice of set menus

Satisfying everyone’s taste buds is a tough ask. You want to make sure that everyone gets a mouth-watering meal that they love. Affordable set menus with a range of delicious options and generously sized courses are a must.

With our set menus, you get shared appetisers, with options like prawn twisters and crumbed chicken tenders. Our tasty mains include our signature 18-hour slow-cooked Prime Rib Steak. Juicy, tender and unforgettable! We think it’s one of Australia’s best steak dishes. Your guests will finish with a devilish dessert like a chocolate mud cake or sticky date pudding. For the health conscious, we offer lighter options from our menu.

Exclusive function rooms

Get a private function room and you’ll have the space for karaoke, dodgy dance moves and crazy team building activities. Function rooms are the ideal place for small and intimate events, where you can enjoy a little peace. For larger groups, a function room gives you the extra space you need.

Bring a cake

Birthday cake with Happy Birthday candles and party hats in background

When you bring a cake, they should plate it for free. It’s no fun if you have to pay to plate your birthday cake. As a bonus, they should offer to light the candles and bring it to your table.

Upbeat and fun atmosphere

Look for a pumping party atmosphere and you’ll have a day or night to remember. Find a unique venue that is upbeat, exciting and relaxed. Your guests will enjoy the casual steakhouse experience and the unforgettable dishes.

No public holiday surcharge

Public holidays are often the only time that everyone in your group is available. Who wants to pay extra on a public holiday? We didn’t think so! That’s why the venue shouldn’t have a surcharge. Get the same service, high-quality food and price, even on a public holiday.

Locally sourced food that’s cooked to order

Prime Rib Shot











No one likes reheated party food or lukewarm buffets. Choose a venue that will cook your food fresh – particularly with locally sourced ingredients. At Hog’s Breath, we source our food from local farmers and we have a strong partnership with Australia’s best beef supplier. You’ll love our 18-hour slow-cooked Prime Rib steak, seared to perfection.

There are over 80 Hog’s Breath Cafes across Australia and New Zealand. Find your local Hog’s steakhouse or book your function today. Let’s get your party started.