Hog’s Surfers to participate in the Surfers Paradise Variety Waiters Race

It’s ON!!

Cue the Rocky music! Get the stairs ready! Hog’s Surfers is gonna bring it big!

Hog’s Surfers is going to be competing at the Surfers Paradise Variety Waiters Race, raising funds for Variety – the Children’s Charity.

The Surfers Paradise Variety Waiters Race is a restaurant based competition for the restaurants within the Surfers Paradise Alliance. The waiters will showcase their skills in the ultimate challenge. Waitstaff will be put to the test as they go head to head to compete and conquer challenging obstacles.

There will be two stages of the event being judged by reputable industry partners.

Stage 1:

The competitor has to seat a diner and serve them a glass of wine proceeding through obstacles along the way, ensuring correct procedure is adhered to.

Stage 2: 

The competitor will carry 3 plates and serve the diner a plate of food from the correct side and be placing the other plates on the table.

The competitors will be judged on fundraising, time, spillages and technique.

Well, that’s what’s happening BUT we need your help!

Please visit our Hog’s Surfers Paradise donations page to donate for this fantastic charity!

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