Hog’s Pork Cutlet

If you believe that Hog’s Breath Cafe is just a steakhouse, you are wrong!

Introducing our new Hog’s Pork Cutlet

The Hog’s Breath Executive Chef started the search for a deliciously tender pork cutlet that, even on its own, was worthy of a space on the menu.
The Sunpork Por Cutlet was the perfect choice with their masterful range of pork quality products.

The Pork Cutlet journey started with the product itself, cooked to tender perfection and served to rave reviews

BUT the Executive Chef wanted more…
He wanted a way to enhance the flavour, to make something different…exclusive…something never tasted before with a pork product.

Using his master manipulation of sauces and spices, the Hog’s Executive Chef has created a smokey sweet & savoury taste experience that tantalises the tastebuds and fills the senses with the tender deliciousness of pork. Grilled to perfection, the glaze caramelises around the edges enhancing to flavour profile to mouthwatering levels.

Best enjoyed with a Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey

The Hog’s Pork Cutlet is only available for a very limited time at selected Hog’s locations while stocks last……which we’re sure, once tasted, won’t last!


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