Hog’s & DJR Team Penske at Townsville 400

The Townsville 400 is over for another year…and what an event it has been!

With a slow start to the weekend the boys certainly got off the ground, making some hard fought gains as the racing progressed!

In race 1 Fabian Coulthard survived a hard fought 200km race at the Townsville 400 to bring the Hog’s Ford home in eighth place. The No 12 DJR Team Penske Ford qualified in tenth place with Coulthard a lot happier with the performance after Friday’s practice.

Fabians Hogs Car Day 1

Scott Pye also improved his qualifying position, but on worn tyres was unable to hold a Top 15 finish when a Safety Car bunched the field for a two lap sprint to the flag. He bought the Shell Helix Ford home in eighteenth place.

Scott Pye on Day 2 got into the Top 10 Shootout managing to pull a Position 9 finish.

In race 2, Scott Pye with his 9th position finish from the Top Ten Shootout put the pedal to the metal to pull in another 2 places to finish over all 7th. Fabian had a slightly tougher start to the day, starting in position 17 but managing to pull a few spaces back by the end of the race to finish in position 15 for the day.

Pye Day 2

For Hog’s the event is always a huge success and Hogster went COMPLETELY CRAZY when seeing Fabians car rolling out for the first race!