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Hog’s and Deliveroo bring you… Steak of Origin!

Here’s the context, Hogsters!

Everyone is oh-so-keen for the historic State of Origin Game 2 on Sunday, the 23rd of June. But nobody is a bigger enthusiast than we are at Hog’s Australia’s Steakhouse! That is exactly why we have been inspired by the Blues and the Maroons to come up with… wait for it… Steak of Origin!

Hog’s and Deliveroo bring you… Steak of Origin!

So what is Steak of Origin all about you ask? It’s quite simple really. Hog’s and Deliveroo have come together to add to the fun amidst the anticipation. Some friendly rivalry ain’t never hurt nobody! All you need to do is order your favourite Hog’s Australia’s Steakhouse’s steak with Deliveroo and top it with your team’s sauce for an additional $5 only.

Hog’s and Deliveroo bring you… Steak of Origin!

Umm, a little more detail Hog’s? Yes, yes, we know. Before we get to the mouth-watering food, however, we’d like to bring to your attention that both Paul Gallen from NSW Blues and Jharal Yow Yeh from QLD Maroons are in this with us. No kidding! You can peek into their Instagram to witness some friendly Steak-of-Origin banter.

Hold up! How do I cheer for my team?

If you’re rooting for the QLD Maroons—Order Yow Yeh’s Wing Topper. This yummy recipe combines any steak, topped with wings smothered in a secret Maroon’s sauce.

Hold up! How do I cheer for my team?

If you’re rooting for NSW Blues—Order Gallen’s Prop-er Topper. This delicious meal combines any steak, topped with calamari rings smothered in a secret Blues sauce.

Hold up! How do I cheer for my team?

It really is as simple as that! Our secret sauces are limited edition and exclusive to Deliveroo. So get them before they’re gone!

Which stores are participating?

We really hope that you’re lucky and live around one of these branches of Hog’s Australia’s Steakhouse:

Who is talking about this?

Literally everyone! This Hogstastic offer has been covered by Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Brisbane TimesYahoo!7 Sport, Sporting News, and Daily Bulletin. What’s more? Paul Gallen and Jharal Yow Yeh are talking about Steak of Origin on their social-media-handles themselves. Why aren’t you in on this yet, Hogster?

“Time to open my Deliveroo app,” you say? We agree with you 100%. There’s nothing better than supporting your team and getting instantly rewarded with some lip-smacking good steak. We highly recommend not eating alone. After all, State Before Mate doesn’t imply you can’t have Steak with your Mate, even if he supports the other team. You can get him later for that one.