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Hog’s 30 Before 30 Campaign: NRL Grand Final

Hog’s 30 Before 30 Campaign: NRL Grand Final

Why you need these free tickets to the NRL Grand Final in Sydney.

Almost everyone in Australia knows the significance of the National Rugby League (NRL). It is the world’s most viewed and attended rugby league club competition with the Grand Final being one of the pinicles of the sport.

At Hog’s Australia Steakhouse are giving away four tickets to the NRL Grand Final which will be held on the 6th of October in Sydney.

So why exactly should you be psyched for this? We’ve got you a few good reasons to help you understand.

Hog’s 30 Before 30 Campaign: NRL Grand Final

1. Sixteen teams contest this league
These sixteen teams comprise of fifteen teams from Australia and one team from New Zealand. Out of these teams, South Sydney Rabbitohs have won the most amount of Premierships—a whopping 21 times. They are followed by Sydney Roosters with 14 wins.

2. Nail gripping grand final in 2018
Last year was the first time that Melbourne Storm and Sydney Roosters contested for the NRL Premiership. Sydney won the match 21–6 to claim their 14th premiership title and their first since 2013. Both the teams have made the most amount of grand final appearances since 1990 when the NRL era began.

3. Strong Indigenous ties to the game
In order to celebrate the strong Indigenous ties to the National Rugby League, an ‘All Stars’ match is held every year. This features a team of Indigenous Australian players playing against a publicly voted team consisting of non-Indigenous players.

4. Record TV ratings for NRL’s 2019 return
In the first 80 minutes of the season opener, 1.18 million viewers watched Melbourne and Brisbane clash. To put this into perspective, Fox Sports enjoyed a 27 percent increase in ib ratings compared to last year’s opener.

5. Fan’s Predictions for 2019
Around 240,000 fans cast their votes to have their say on which club will win the 2019 NRL Grand Final in December 2018. According to most of these patrons, last year’s winners Roosters are most likely to win the league again. Rabbitohs, Storm, Panthers, and Broncos take the other top ranks respectively.

Hog’s 30 Before 30 Campaign: NRL Grand Final

Who do you think will win the upcoming Grand Finals? Whether you are rooting for the reigning premiers or the underdogs, you can be assured that the enthusiasm is going to be soaring high. To be a part of one of Australia’s most anticipated matches in 2019, try your luck at one of our Hog’s branches. All you need to do is purchase any Coca-Cola product with your meal at Hog’s and enter yourself to the draw! You can find the terms and conditions for the draw here.

Good luck!