The Best a Steak Can Get!

However, we are much more than a steakhouse with excellent food!

Our company is like no other in the restaurant business. We are unique with a very distinctive culture and philosophy of life. Our business owners possess a strong bond with the franchise system and an enviable fellowship. This sporty fun orientated characteristic of our system is reflected in the restaurants they run. We are definitely a lifestyle driven company where the Franchise Owners of each store are “the face” of their business and celebrate all the successes with their staff.

We are in fact a “WAY OF LIFE”. We have a fun upbeat ambiance that you just can’t help but enjoy. It is a product of the owner’s attitude on life, the friendly staff, the 80’s and 90’s music, the rustic collection of memorabilia, and the contagious party atmosphere of people enjoying themselves. It is more than a place to eat – it is an experience!

As we have expanded throughout Australia and beyond, more and more customers seek out our “way of life”.

We are Food with Attitude!

What are the Establishment Costs?

The cost to establish a Hog’s Breath Cafe restaurant for trading is estimated between $600,000 and $800,000 (excluding GST) depending on the site. A detailed breakdown of these costs is included in the confidential information supplied at a later date. The franchisee is solely responsible for their financing including the cost of legal’s, licensing, design plans, applications, construction, improvements, equipment, fixtures, staffing, opening stock and trading cash.

It is a requirement that the applicant provide a minimum of 50% of the establishment costs in unencumbered capital (cash). The company has established an accredited relationship with multiple financial institutions that specialise in Franchise lending, however, there is no requirement to use this source of funding.

Working on an establishment cost of $800,000, the financial breakdown may be as follows:

  • $400,000 – Borrowed funds TOTAL = $800,000 (Excluding GST)

Remember these costs are ESTIMATES ONLY and no reliance should be made on these numbers. The cost of bringing the premise to bare walls and finished floors, with plumbing and electrical in place, and the cost of the equipment and fit-out will vary significantly from location to location. Existing Franchise Opportunities

We currently have very successful operating restaurants throughout the country that are being marketed For Sale. This is a rare opportunity to be an owner operator within this great brand. With industry leading training and outstanding on-going support.

Please contact our Franchise Development Team, via the Franchise Enquiry Form

Current Restaurants for Sale

For Current Store Listings – Please see further down the page.

What are the Location Requirements?

The ideal premises would incorporate 250-350 square metres with the following minimum requirements:

  • Restaurant floor space to seat 120 patrons.
  • Kitchen floor space of 30 square metres with extraction & makeup air.
  • Additional 30 square metres for office space, dry stores and cool rooms.
  • Adequate toilet facilities as set down by the local council authorities.
  • Lease period for a minimum of 5 years with a 5 year option

How is a Franchise Granted?

Once you have completely reviewed this franchise information section of our web site and feel you can meet the initial criteria listed in this franchise information section, the process to join the Hog’s Breath Cafe family typically happens in the following order:

  • An email is sent to our Franchise Development Team registering your interest in the location & any other relevant background information;
  • A telephone conversation is had with one of our Franchise Development Team Mambers;
  • Hog’s Breath Cafe will email additional company information, confidentiality form and franchisee application form to the interested party;
  • These are completed and returned for more detailed financial company information can be shared;
  • The potential site requirements are discussed and visited by our Franchise Development Team;
  • The prospective Franchisees/ partners/ associates travel to Hog’s Breath Cafe support office in Cleveland, Brisbane for a series of meetings with the support office team to establish a relationship of the parties.
  • Site selection is completed, dates scheduled for lease and fit-out, and training dates booked in;
  • Interior and exterior designs are finalised and approved;
  • Disclosure documents & deposit invoice are provided to the applicant prior to Franchisee Training commencing;
  • Council & Liquor License approvals are submitted and construction begins;
  • Usually during this process is the 2 month (8 weeks) training program at Hog University (Support Office in Brisbane Queensland);
  • All agreements are signed with our preferred contracted suppliers which cover nearly everything in our business;
  • Construction and fit-out are completed and Hoggies in-store training begins with your new staff 10 days prior to your opening to the public;
  • Go LIVE night – business is open to the public with very controlled procedures and numbers of customers;
  • Additional assistance is given to all new-store with the Hoggies in-store training team staying on another 10 days for support.

Special Notes

  • Some of the above steps may and do happen concurrently.
  • All new locations and proposed Franchisees must be approved by Hog’s Breath Cafe (Australia) Pty Ltd prior to committing to any obligations regarding the brand.
  • Applicants are strongly encouraged to visit current Hoggies stores and speak to the existing Franchisees before committing themselves to a franchise.
  • All applicants must be of good character and must be able to successfully apply for a liquor license.
  • Franchisees are expected to be actively engaged in the day to day operation of their restaurant. As such, they will be “the face” of their business, be the Lessee of their tenancy, employ their staff, hold the appropriate Liquor License and have contracted supplier agreements with all our preferred suppliers.

What are the Fees and Terms?

Once the applicant is approved and has accepted and agreed to the terms of the Franchise Agreement, the applicant then has the rights to use the Hog’s Breath Cafe intellectual property. Specific areas of note are:

Franchise Fee is $50,000 (excl GST) which includes Franchise Training is paid as follows:

  • $10,000 + gst upon the signing of the Disclosure Documents provided by HBCA and before the commencement of Franchisee Training.
  • $40,000 + gst upon the signing of the Franchise Agreement two weeks prior to the opening of the restaurant.
  • Franchise terms are for a period of 10 years, with a renewal option for another 10 years unless the building lease is for a period of less time in which the renewal term is equal to the term of the lease.
  • Monthly royalty of 5% calculated on gross food and beverage sales less promotions, merchandise and discounts.
  • Monthly Co-Operative advertising royalty of 2% calculated on gross food and beverage sales less promotions, merchandise and discounts.
  • The Franchise Fee noted above is ONLY payable when opening a new restaurant. If purchasing an existing restaurant only a Franchise Training Fee of $6,000+gst is applicable by the applicant.

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