The Four Best Steakhouse Desserts

You’ve just finished a mouth-wateringly good cut of steak at a steakhouse. How do you top off your dining experience? The answer, of course, is a decadent dessert.

Whether you choose an indulgent chocolate cake, vanilla creme brulee or warm apple crumble with a scoop of ice cream, we don’t think that you can go wrong. These desserts are delicious and a perfect match with our signature 18-hour slow-cooked prime rib steak.

Rich and devilishly decadent desserts

Mississippi Mud Cake dessert at Hog's Breath Cafe

Who doesn’t go weak at the knees when they taste a rich, layered chocolate cake? Give into temptation and indulge in a devilishly delicious chocolate mud cake. Look for a chocolate cake with homemade chocolate sauce and texture from crunchy chocolate flakes or crumbs.

Here are a few other favourite chocolate treats that you’ll find in a fantastic grill house:
• Shared rocky road sundae with a drizzling of chocolate fudge sauce, warm chocolate mud cake, marshmallows and strawberry topping.
• Hot chocolate fondue with fresh strawberries, bananas and chocolate dipping sauce.

Vanilla Creme Brulee

If you can hold back your chocoholic cravings, then a vanilla creme brulee is an unforgettable dessert choice. What could be better than a rich and creamy vanilla creme brulee, with a crispy caramel glazing and topped with fresh strawberries and scoops of ice cream? There’s nothing like the feeling you get as you crack open the caramelised sugar and dip into the velvety, soft custard underneath. It may look plain and simple, but the hints of vanilla and caramelised burnt sugar make the recipe ‘pop’ with divine flavours.

Another favourite dessert is the New York cheesecake. This deceptive dessert looks like a simple cheesecake, but one bite and you’ll be hooked. This not-so-humble cheesecake is filled with Philadelphia cream cheese, real vanilla, fresh eggs and usually has a thin layer of sour cream smothered on top.

Drizzling of caramel sauce

Dessert options at Hog's Breath Cafe

Go to any ‘meat-loving’ restaurant and you’ll find this classic favourite on the dessert menu; sticky date pudding. Sticky date pudding is a hugely popular dessert that complements any meal. With vanilla ice cream on top of fluffy date pudding cake and butterscotch caramel sauce, sticky date pudding is the bee’s knees.

An apple a day

Apple pie or crumble with ice-cream and custard

Finish your steak meal with a lighter option. Apple crumble, the ultimate comfort food, is not as rich as chocolate or cream-based desserts. With soft green apples and a crunchy top, it is loved for it’s cosy, rustic and old-fashioned vibe.

Want to indulge in a decadent dessert tonight? Book a table at your local Hog’s Breath Cafe and enjoy one of Australia’s favourite steaks – our signature 18-hour slow-cooked prime rib steak – and top off your meal with a devilish dessert. Check out our dessert menu now!

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