We’re Celebrating 35 Years of Hog’spitality

1989 was truly a momentous year: the Berlin Wall crumbled, the World Wide Web was born, Seinfeld made its debut, Nintendo built the Game Boy, and Taylor Swift entered into the world.

Amidst these historic global milestones, Hog’s Breath Cafe first emerged and set up its flagship restaurant in Airlie Beach on July 4, 1989. With its quirky decor, mouthwatering slow-cooked Prime Rib, iconic curly fries, and the overall good vibes that made it the perfect choice for a group meal, the original Hog’s Breath Cafe quickly captured hearts in the Airlie Beach area and beyond.

Soon after, a second venue sprang up in Mooloolaba and marked the beginning of what would rapidly become a series of family-owned and operated establishments across the country. From these humble beginnings, we’ve since become a beloved icon in Australia’s culinary scene, marking our 35th anniversary in 2024 with 26 restaurants nationwide.

While the rest of the world has seen constant change and turmoil over the past 35 years, Hog’s Breath Cafe has remained Australia’s most steadfast and trustworthy purveyor of what we’ve fondly coined ‘Hog’spitality’: slow-cooked Prime Rib, crispy curly fries, and good times for all.

Steve Spurgin, Hog’s Breath CEO, attributes the brand’s endurance to the welcoming environment and sense of community cultivated in each and every location.

‘These restaurants have always been more than just a place to grab a bite to eat,’ he reflects. ‘They’re a hub for bringing people together, and a go-to spot for celebrating special occasions and creating lasting memories.’

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Amidst a hospitality sector that has been grappling with near-constant economic challenges and closures in recent years, Hog’s Breath Cafe’s resilience is remarkable. While the entire brand is celebrating 35 years, numerous restaurants within the group mark their own impressive milestones this year as well: Nelson Bay at 32 years, Port Macquarie and Rockhampton at 31, Toowoomba at 30, Hobart at 29, Townsville at 27, Wagga Wagga and St Mary at 25; and, of course, the original Airlie Beach location which is still going strong at 35.

As we look to the future, one thing that’s for sure is that we remain committed to the values that have sustained us for three and a half decades: continued innovation in the kitchen, an unwavering focus on customer satisfaction, and strong ties with our local community.

To celebrate 35 years, Hog’s Breath Cafe invites patrons old and new to join in the festivities, special promotions, events, and exclusive offers that will be available at all 26 restaurants across Australia.

These celebrations are a heartfelt thank you to the loyal customers who have made the last three decades possible, as well as an invitation to those who have yet to experience the unique charm that is Hog’s Breath Cafe: Australia’s favourite steakhouse.

Celebrate with us and book your table!

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