Why you Absolutely Should Join a Steakhouse Restaurant

Prime Rib Steak at Hog's Breath

Australia is a nation of steak lovers. In fact, we love it that much, that we’ve been crowned the meat-loving capital of the world (OECD).

MLA estimates that our beef and cattle industry is worth a whopping $17 billion.

Just these facts alone are enough to make you want to start a steakhouse restaurant. Stir up your entrepreneurial spirit and find out the top reasons why you should start your own beef lovin’ restaurant.

Casual Dining Experience

Did you know?

  • Australians eat out an average of 2-3 times a week.
  • That’s an incredible 50 million meals each week and 2.5 billion a year.
  • Aussie households spend, on average, $95 a week eating out, adding up to a staggering $45 billion a year (The Drop, 2017).

There’s been a shift away from fine dining towards casual dining options. Move over 5-star exorbitantly priced steakhouses. Aussies want dining options that give them exceptional quality food at affordable prices.

Casual dining full-service restaurants are right on trend. These restaurants combine the vibes of a fast food outlet with good value meals.

At Hog’s Breath Cafe, we have sit down and takeaway options. It is the best of both worlds – quick service with a full-service dining experience. This year, we opened the first Hog’s Express store, which is a brand new food concept that serves unbeatable burgers, salads and sides, in convenient locations like shopping centres and food courts. Franchise opportunities across Australia are available!

Casual dining restaurants are family-oriented and casual, the ideal place for a relaxed day or night out. With comfortable decor, upbeat music, plenty of wide chairs and booths, it’s a place where everyone can chill out.

Celebrates fresh locally sourced ingredients

Australian diners are becoming more aware of the source and quality of the ingredients – rewarding restaurants that combine quality, convenience and excellent value for money (American Express, 2016).

At Hog’s Breath Cafe, we source only Australia’s highest quality beef. We aim to deliver the most tender and tastiest cut of Prime Rib Steak in the country. This doesn’t happen by accident. Our strong partnership with Australia’s premier beef supplier, Teys, means that customer’s quality expectations are met every time, while showcasing some of the best beef in Australia.

Australian Steakhouses should celebrate fresh, locally sourced ingredients from Aussie growers and producers. Consistently high quality locally sourced food, using the finest ingredients is a key to success.

Shift towards healthier food options

Consumers are becoming more interested in eating healthier food. Our franchises have responded by offering customers lighter options, like our Trim-a-Licious menu. Salads and smaller portion sizes of chicken, beef and fish are a popular choice for customers.

Successful Franchises

These chain restaurants have a business model that combines a traditional restaurant model with fast-food service. It’s a concept that’s working. In just under 20 years, we’ve expanded from one store to over 80 locations in Australia and New Zealand.

Why Hog’s?

  • Australia’s largest licensed casual dining restaurant franchise
  • Choose between Hog’s Express and Hog’s Breath Cafe model
  • Comprehensive training at our Hog’s University to equip you with the tools you need for success
  • Australian owned
A fun business model

These dining franchises offer you a lifestyle business, with a fun business model. Customers fall in love with the lively and upbeat ambience. A contagious party atmosphere means that you – and your customers – will enjoy the experience.

At Hog’s Breath Cafe, our franchising model is perfect for driven and entrepreneurial people like you. What are you waiting for? Check out our latest opportunities or contact us to find out about Hog’s Express franchises. Don’t just start a business. Get an exciting new ‘way of life’.


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