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Hogs Breath 30th Bday - Zoo Passes

4 Australia Zoo Passes & $1,500 Travel Voucher

Some things are simply the pride of Australia. The Australia Zoo is certainly one of those. Steve and Terri Irwin’s vision of making it the best wildlife conversation facility in the world is nothing short of reality. Being the true Aussies that we are, it is no surprise that entry passes to Australia Zoo are on Hog’s giveaway list.

We don’t need to convince you about how wonderful the zoo is. But we are going to make a list of things you can’t miss while you’re there. Here’s a list of our top to-dos:!

1. Extreme Animals Tour:

This tour involves peeping into the world of some of the most extreme animals at Australia Zoo. This includes rhinos, cheetahs, crocodiles, Komodo dragons, and even tiger cubs. If you and your buddies are daring enough, you can also get photographed with a Burmese python. That’s not all, this tour is inclusive of a personal tour guide for the entire day—and you can be riding a caddie while you’re being shown around!

2. Feed the Kangaroos:

You can enjoy getting up-close with the gorgeous Red and Grey Kangaroos at the zoo. All you need to do is purchase some food and head straight to the open-range enclosures. These animals are Australian icons so if you are new here and haven’t had the chance to see roos yet, this is hands-down the best way to do it.

3. Wildlife Warriors Show:

This is an exclusive event that only happens at the Australia Zoo at 12:00 PM every day. In the Crocoseum, the zookeepers will talk about world’s conversation issues and how best to protect the animal kingdom. As you discover and learn, enjoy spectating the beauty of giant snakes, colorful birds, and the famous saltwater crocodiles!

4. Encounter a Binturong:

We know what you’re thinking… “What the heck is a Binturong?” Well, to answer that question—these gorgeous animals that seem to be a mixture of a cat and a bear are native to South and Southeast Asia. At the Australia Zoo, you can get lucky enough to feed them straight out of your hand. With their shaggy black hair, cute tiny face and prehensile tails, it is no surprise that they are also called Bearcats.

5. Adopt an Animal:

It is no secret that Australia Zoo has been doing a great deal of hard work for the conversation of animals. But did you know that it receives no ongoing government funding? By choosing to adopt an animal at the zoo, you can help provide valuable help. What’s more? You will also receive gifts of appreciation! Adopt an animal and have the satisfaction of knowing you are making a difference.

With all of this and more to offer, we at Hog’s are sure that you will love your experience at the zoo. Bring three friends along because we’ve got their entries covered as well. Don’t worry about the travel cost either, since we’re giving away a $1,500 Travel Voucher to the winner. This covers your accommodation as well!

All you need to do is purchase any Coca-Cola product with your Hog’s meal to enter the giveaway. More information can be found here.

Good luck!