Prime Rib and a small rack of tender hickory smoked pork ribs. A carnivore’s delight!

Char-grilled Prime Rib topped with a fried egg flipped on the grill, 2 crispy bacon rashers and smoked BBQ sauce. An Aussie classic!

Flame-grilled Prime Rib and 3 pan-fried tiger prawns finished in a garlic cream sauce.

Tender Prime Rib topped with salt and pepper crumbed calamari rings and honey sweet chilli sauce.

Seared Prime Rib topped with fresh mushrooms sizzled in garlic butter.

Prime Rib seared on the char grill then topped with an avocado wedge and béarnaise sauce.

Prime Rib with Byron Bay coconut and chilli sauce, the 2007 world champion of chilli sauces! Heat rating is 7 out of 10!!

A real Tex-Mex flavour. Seared and topped with hickory smoked BBQ sauce on the char grill.

Seared with our own Hog’s Breath blackened seasoning, a light Cajun flavour.

For the purist Prime Rib fan. Char-grilled, tender and mouthwatering.

All Hog’s Breath Prime Rib Steaks are available with your choice of vegies or salad and either Hog Tail Fries, baked potato or mashed potato. Prime Rib is best served medium rare to ensure a moist and tender steak. Hog’s Breath Prime Rib Steaks are served in 3 sizes:

  • Traditional Cut – Our generous portion you know and love.
  • Lite Cut – A smaller serve for those who want to leave room for dessert!
  • Mega Cut – $7 extra upgrades the Traditional Cut to a Mega Cut – a whopping 33% more Prime Rib for your money!

Sauces $2.20 each
Garlic Aioli, Béarnaise Sauce, Creamy Mushroom Sauce (LG), Cheese Sauce (LG), Dianne Sauce (LG), Dijonnaise Sauce, Garlic Cream Sauce (LG), Mexicana Tomato Salsa (LG), Napoletana Sauce (LG), Pepper Sauce (LG), Jalapeno Jelly (LG), Byron Bay Chilli.

(LG) Product classified as being low gluten, containing no more than 20 parts of gluten in a million (ppm). Please note that we can’t guarantee an allergen free meal as we do not operate in a gluten free environment.
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