A sensational selection of classic potato skins, delicious vegetable spring rolls, crumbed chicken tenders and salt & pepper dusted calamari. Served with honey sweet chilli sauce and Hog’s Breath honey mustard.

A big bowl of beef, vegetables, tomatoes and macaroni, with garlic bread. This soup is Low Gluten without the garlic bread.

Crispy bacon topped with melted cheddar, honey sweet chilli sauce and sour cream.

Marinated tomato & basil salsa topped with cheddar cheese and grilled to golden brown. Served with spicy salsa to turn up the heat.

With tomato and BBQ sauce.

With honey sweet chilli and Hog’s Breath Ranch dipping sauce.

With warm cheddar cheese sauce and spicy Mexicana salsa.

6 garlic marinated tiger prawns in a delicious garlic & Italian herb butter.

6 crispy fried chicken wings with garlic aioli.

Hand cut calamari rings with tartare sauce and honey sweet chilli.

4 crumbed chicken tenderloins with honey mustard dip.

A bowl of fresh mushrooms coated in salt & pepper crumbs with tartare sauce.

6 small crumbed cheese sticks dusted in blackened seasoning with a chipotle & ranch dressing.

Topped with diced tomatoes, red onions, balsamic vinegar and fresh basil.

Topped with cheddar cheese and grilled to golden brown.

Toasted to perfection

(V) Vegetarian friendly! Generally accepted vegetarian option. Excludes red meat, chicken and seafood.

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